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Okpella is one of the major gateways opening Edo State to the North of Nigeria. It is a home to several solid minerals industries and several agricultural products. Okpella is the third largest clan in Edo State as recorded in the 2006 population census.

The founder and father of Okpella was a man called Ikponwusa meaning ‘I give thanks to God’. He was said to have migrated from a place called Ekae in Benin during the tyrannical rule of Oba Ozolua. Oral tradition has it that Ikponwusa later corrupted Ikpomaza, left Benin with his beautiful wife Eveva who was a twin. His departure was said to have been hastened by attempt by royal forces to take his wife. In another version, he was said to have left Benin to hunt for leopards. It should be recalled that leopard skins were exported by Benin Empire to Portugal in the 15th century. The above accounts strongly suggests that Okpella origin lies in Benin.

Ikpomaza arrived at a place called ok’uviogbe a small stream in Ogute-Okpella. There, he had four children namely Ute, Ase (oteku, Otuma (Ekuri) and Egiele. They also met two aborigine groups which are Okhu at Amori cave and Ekpema also at Ekpema rock. These aborigines’ languages were similar to that of Okpella, indication that they also migrated from Benin at a much earlier period. It suffices to note that these two groups have been completely absorbed by Okpella today. It needs be mentioned that the founder of Okpella was addressed as Okpea N’kpomaza meaning, “the man Ikpomaza’’. The word Okpella was a corruption of Okpea. This was a consequence of British imperialism in Nigeria of which Okpella was an integral part.

After the earliest settlements in Okpella, continued identity with Benin was maintained. The situation was such that corpses were sent to Benin for burial. This became progressively difficult considering head portage as a means of transportation especially when there were heavy corpses to convey.
Consequently, the system was discouraged. In the same vein, Benin traditional facial marks were also used by the people of Okpella.

Okpella is a kingdom situated along BeninAbuja federal high way road. It is a town in Edo State Nigeria, and one of the three main towns that make up Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State in Edo north senatorial district. Okpella community is strategically located on the Northern fringes of Edo State bordering Kogi, Okpella is the gateway to the north for travelers along Benin-Abuja expressway with a common boundary with the Igbiras, Ososo, Ibie Ogirami, Ogirami Atte and so on.

During colonial rule, arising out of personality clashes between Chiefs Sado and Afegbua, the salary due to the head of Okpella was split between them.

Since the period of Oba Obinogbe, Okpella has been administered as one entity. The present paramount ruler is Alhaji Andrew Yesufu Eshioramhe Dirisu, a Justice of the Peace and an Officer Order of the Niger OON; he assumed the throne of his ancestors in 1971, with the title of Okuokpellagbe of Okpella. The appointment of the clan head is regulated by the Chieftaincy Declaration Law of Bendel State, 1981, as applicable to Edo State.

Okpella is enriched with natural resources which includes but not limited to limestonecalciumgranite, kaolin, feldspar and so on, Okpella is enriched with vast farmlands, the people are predominantly farmers, and are known to grow in large numbers, yams and cassava. Its Ewo market, located on the busy Benin-Abuja Road and congregates every fourth day.

The town plays host to the Edo Cement Company, the only cement factory in the old Midwest Region, which itself was established by the Dennis Osadebey and Hon. Musa Godfrey administration in 1964, with the late Chief Ikhumitse Olowu, as its pioneer Chairman. Okpella, in view of the abundance of other solid minerals, is home to several granite- and marble-making industries, which gives the community a vibrant industrial outlook.

Okpella is a community with diverse political views which requires harmonization for development, Okpella prides herself with young and vast intellectuals.

Okpella is a beautiful and natural town with polite happy citizens who share a communal bond prevalent in most African societies. The town also consist of Muslims and Christians. The people of Okpella are naturally hospitable, they encourage and create enabling environment for foreign investments.

Okpella embraces education and can boast of a large number of professors, a number of proposed university sites and large numbers of primary, secondary and vocational schools.

With sincerity and honesty, Okpella community has bright growth prospect ranging from industrialization to mechanized agriculture, entrepreneurship and host of others.

There are quite number of hotels and resort centers in Okpella for relaxation and tourism.